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The Box

Currently are currently switching to a higher performance Android TV Box to provide you with the best in UK TV *.

The Beelink A1 has a Quad Core Cortex A53 running Android 7.1. 4Gb RAM and 16Gb Internal Storage with built in WiFi, Gigabit LAN port and BlueTooth 4.0 capable of 4K resolution.

The Beelink GT1 Ultimate has a 8 Core Amlogic S912 running Android 7.1. 3GB DDR4 RAM and 32GB eMMC Internal Storage with built in WiFi (ac dual band), Gigabit LAN port and BlueTooth 4.0 capable of 6K resolution.

The Box of course is optional, if you prefer, you can connect to our services using you computer, tablet or smartphone.

For the IPTV to work, we recommend a minimum CONNECTION SPEED of 4Mbps and maximum PING of 50ms for best results. To test your line, we recommend SpeedTest ( – before you start the test, please make sure no other devices are using the internet (TV, computers, tablets, phones etc as this could effect the results).

The Software

Using cross platform app Emby you can access all the UK TV Channels in Full HD (where available).

Emby can be used through your browser (Google Chrome recommended) on your PC/Mac, or an app on your smart device.

TV Channels

We give you all the popular UK TV Channels plus more, click here to view the complete list.

Go Anywhere

For an additional 2€/month and we can provide an account for your tablet, smartphone. Allowing you to keep watching no matter where you are in the world!!

* subject to availability. device may change for more evolved make/model over time. specifications will vary.